March BAMCAL Squares

26 Mar

For the 2009 Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long at Ravelry (link on right sidebar)

March Square

Pattern: March Square
Yarn: ILTY orchid, ivory, pink
I Hook

4 March Squares worked to 4 1/2″ each, slipstitched together
then rounds of:

  • sc,
  • dc
  • 2 dc in same stitch, skip next stitch
  • hdc
  • work corners however you see fit

Winter Dream block

This is a beautiful square to me.

Pattern: Winter Dream
Yarn: ILTY ivory
H or I Hook

No changes to pattern and it came out right at 12″


One Response to “March BAMCAL Squares”

  1. Elaine March 26, 2009 at 18:22 #

    I like how you put 4 of the 6″ squares together to make a larger square. The color combos are great. Since you say that you only did them to 4″ does that mean that you did not do the entire square for the pattern?

    I’m still working on the Mandala, I think that is the one, from Jan. I did manage to figure out what my problem was, I have to have it quiet as I count for that one or I mess up.

    I was thinking of using the 12″ squares to make the boy an afghan but I can tell that they all are a bit too open for his tastes. He seems to want one that is more dense.

    You’re correct, Elaine….I did not complete the individual squares.
    I also agree that most of these squares are too “open” for a manly blanket. I think the Mandala is a beautiful square and might even be my favorite so far. I had to have it quiet, too….lots of counting with that one.

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