How To Crochet a Blanket

20 Apr

This was one of the search engine terms that ‘found’ it’s way to my crochet blog. I suspect the person was disappointed b/c I’ve never really talked about how I crocheted my first blanket. So for a moment or two, here’s how I worked up to doing my first blanket.

Before You Start
Buy a couple hook sizes and maybe a couple different brands to see what feels best in your hand. Boye and Bates are readily available. I prefer Bates because my hands are small. I’ve also grown fond of Clover hooks, but they’re not for everybody, either. I recommend a H or I hook to start.
Buy some cheap yarn. Red Heart Super Saver is fine to learn with. I don’t recommend Caron Simply Soft because it’s splits and that is aggravating. Learning to crochet can be aggravating enough without yarn problems, so save the Caron SS for later. Cotton yarn, like Sugar ‘n Cream is good also.

  • Learn how to make a consistently sized chain, then work on turning your chain and working back down the chain.
  • Learn how to single crochet several rows without missing the end stitches or adding stitches. In other words your project should stay squared up and even all around. When I was doing this I just made blocks of all sizes, squares and rectangles.
  • Next, master your double crochet.
  • Other stitches you may need: half double crochet, slip stitch. 

Your stitches don’t have to be anywhere near perfect, and when you can make a fairly decent square, you’re ready. I recommend starting with a ripple and this pattern by Susan B is a classic. There are other ripple patterns and other types of blanket to start with, but this is what I started with. By the time you finish this blanket, you’ll feel quite confident with your double crochet skills.   Happy crocheting1 Crocheting!


One Response to “How To Crochet a Blanket”

  1. Elaine April 20, 2009 at 18:55 #

    Those are great tips for crocheting an afghan, Sheir.
    I love the little figure crocheting at the end, where did you find that?

    I found her at Crochetville.

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