Hint of Spring

12 May

Hint of Spring 12" block

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Hint of Spring by Sally Ives
Yarn: ILTY
Hook: H

Another block for the 2009 BAMCAL on Ravelry. This is a beautiful square, but it is too wavy. I think the pattern is strange to read, but then I’m not the most experienced pattern reader either! The block is ugly from the back and has chain-3s that are just sort of hanging out with nothing to do.


One Response to “Hint of Spring”

  1. seeker86 May 13, 2009 at 13:17 #

    I’ll take your word for it on the back but I kinda’ like it from the front. Once you put the blanket together I think it will pull it out a little. Please forgive me for not making my squares. I haven’t crocheted anything this month:( I am making costumes for the play my youngest is in. I am also consumed with graduation quandries. I’m going to post all my questions soon and hopefully get some advice from all of you moms who lived through this;)

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