Making a List

26 May

Being the slow & moody crocheter that I am….it’s time to plan for the holidays (gasp!) and get started.

Spiderman RR – for ?? I have plenty of ILTY in red, blue, and black.

Dishcloths – already started building a good supply. Probably need 2 dozen if I want to use these as gifties for Sunday school teachers, music teachers, gift exchanges, and some extras to tuck into other gifts.
Patterns List

    back of the Peaches & Cream label – nothing fancy, but this pattern is hard to beat
    Circles Dishcloth
    Easy Crocheted Dishcloth
    Another Round Dishcloth
    FireBlossom – I love this one.

note to self: buy more colors next time we’re near Hobby Lobby

I have enough ILTY in yellow, white, orchid, green, and coordinating variegated to make two baby-size or lapghan-size round ripples.

Pillows. I might do pillows this year…have 2 pillow forms and some SWS yarn.

Lisa Gentry yarn bags … can never have too many of these. I love them once they are felted. These are very easy and a good beginner project or if you need something done up quick. Got wool? I haz a wool!

There are other works in mind, but if my list gets too long, I’ll get mad at myself for buying yarn and not doing yarn. 🙄


2 Responses to “Making a List”

  1. seeker86 May 27, 2009 at 03:34 #

    Oh my…I am just trying to get through to June!!

    I hear you on buying too much yarn. I am always trying to use up the yarn I have …too much of …and promising myself I will only buy yarn once I know what project I am doing.

    One day I’ll be as organized as you:)

  2. Elaine June 6, 2009 at 04:49 #

    I am planning on winning the “She who dies with the most yarn wins!” contest!!

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