WIP It, January 2010

1 Jan

I’m setting myself up for failure a few goals for my crochet this year.  My first goal is to finish up my neglected WIPS that are languishing away in their respective cubby holes.  January is a long month, so it seems appropriate to spend it crocheting and reading, reading and crocheting.  It is a busy month, but there should still be ample opportunity for whipping the WIPs.

Here is my WIP List:

Way To Go Shawl in an annoying Moda Dea wool.  The color is a lovely shade of coffee, but there are a gazillion knots in this stuff that makes me wanna pbbbttttt.

Flannelghan in red and black RHSS.  Oh my hands ache thinking about this, but it really must be done…..or frogged or something.

The BAMCAL afghan — stitch those blocks together and put on a nice scallopy edge or not….plain is fine, too. I’d show you the layout, but the pics didn’t turn out well.

Heart Garland. This has only been a wip for about a day, since I just started it last night.  Love these happy little hearts.

Another snowman. This technically isn’t a wip….its a wim, but it must be done this month or it will be put on hold until next football season.


I am also going to keep up with this year’s 2010 BAMCAL on Ravelry….which isn’t a problem….it’s the end of year stitching the blocks together. This one is in Christmas colors and I’ll start stitching it together when I get 9 or 12 blocks done.

WIMs for 2010 — at the moment, anyway

I want a colorful ripple for the boring blue couch in our homeschool room.  Think Attic24. Love her blog.
—and some pillows, too.
A wrap of some sort in a ridiculous expensive yarn….not too lacy, not too chunky.
Destash a bit –>Start a scrap’ghan.
Crochet more charity squares.

That’s it for now. . . until I change my mind. . . again.


3 Responses to “WIP It, January 2010”

  1. Elaine January 1, 2010 at 23:00 #

    I think that if I’m going to be serious about doing the BAMCAL this year then I need to start a crochet blog to post all of it on….Hmmmm

    Now I need to go to Ravelry to get the pattern and then get started.

  2. seeker86 January 2, 2010 at 17:51 #

    You are so organized. What an inspiration. I’m just hoping to plan a little more I usually see a pattern and try to make it work with whatever I have on hand and I keep buying icky yarn to have on hand just in case. I’m hoping to break that cycle this year;)

  3. seeker86 January 2, 2010 at 17:57 #

    I do usually have nice soft baby yarn and a skein or two of cotton and wool but the cotton and wool are never enough to do a big project. I bought two skiens of wool ease for a helmet liner for my nephew and then saw the military requires 100% wool so I can’t use that. I’ve had it in my stash forever so I started socks for hubby yesterday with it. Now the only nice yarn in my stash is bits of baby yarn and one skein of orange cotton. LOL

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