The Ripple Dance

22 Feb

After a couple projects that tested my skill and patience, I must have wanted something dreamy to crochet. What better than a ripple? Exactly!

I bought this lovely assortment of playful yarns from WEBS quite awhile ago and just never really decided what to do with it.
First, it was a ripple,
then a granny square blanket,
and for awhile, it was going to be a granny stripe blanket.
I even entertained the Lace & Bobbles pattern, aka Stitch Sampler by Jean Holzman.
Coming, full circle…’s a ripple, specifically Lucy of Attic24’s Neat Ripple. All ripples are so similar and Lucy’s inspiration came from Jan Eaton’s Soft Waves (#8 in her book). The repeats are different 14 and 12 respectively, fwiw.

Finally, the Ripple

A discussion on the Lucy group on Ravelry brought about the dance….The Ripple Dance, if you will. 🙂

Another trick to this pattern is the rhythm – the dance! Each row starts with the V – the 2 US dc…so here we go…

1 & 2….1 2 3 4…1 & 2 decrease…1 2 3 4…1 & 2 and 1 & 2 increase…1 2 3 4…1 & 2 decrease…..

…and so it goes to the end with a final 1 & 2

It is the rhythm that makes ripples so addictive and enjoyable. My own little yarny high going on….all legal and good for the spirit. What makes me so happy with this particular ripple is the color….so MUCH color that it is a feast. I can’t wait to wrap myself in this blanket!
I admit that rippling can get boring in its simplicity, but the color changes come just fast enough and I look forward to standing over my box of yarns and picking the next color to work. Yes, I’ve gone completely wild and gone random with my color choices! OH!

The Details:
Chain 227 (224 + 3 turning chain) for a 60″ wide blanket
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Wool
Hook: H (because its my favorite)
No dance shoes required.

Children don’t stop dancing
Believe you can fly


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