WIPs & WIMs – January 2013

4 Jan

I generally like to have an idea of what I’ll be working on throughout the year, as I need plenty of time to get things done….that is, if they really must get done at all.  Crochet is my therapy, my relief and I don’t want to be bungled down with *gasp* dead-lines!  The world is full enough of deadlines and ‘have to’s’.

So….what did I do today?  Gave myself a dead-line.  Uh-Boy!  My grandson sweetly asked for a SpiderMan blanket, like the one I crocheted my son a few years ago.  His birthday is in April.  The FIRST of April.  SpideyGhans need time.  Figured I best come up with a plan of what I need/want to finish before the summer heat is upon me.

Le Plan du Jour

1- baby afghan for SILs grandbaby, due in April – have about 2/3 of the black & white grannies done.  Assemble with a bright green.

2-Grandson’s SpideyGhan – round ripples are fun to start, but when they get big, it seems to take forever to finish a round!  Think I have enough ILTY blue and red in my stash.

3-finish the Christmas afghan that I started…..ooooohhhh, 2 years ago.  Its in the joining stage (my downfall e v e r y.t i m e)

4-table runner for my kitchen table, which I just ordered the yarn for about an hour ago [picking colors and buying yarn (some cozy Vanna’s Choice colors were on sale at Joann’s)- no problem getting that done!]  Nothing complicated here – thinking 3 or 4 – 12″ squares with a few granny stripes-type border.  I wonder who Joann is?

There’s my plan but, well, you know………..


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