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WIM to Done…Baby Blanket

24 Jan

From a handful of unruly grannies, stitched up just for fun:













To a nice, bright, little baby blanket:













The two granny patterns are:

Never Ending Granny  – the white solid grannies and the grannies with black squares

Bouncing Ball Granny – the corner grannies with black circles

The grannies are put together with ILTY Limelight and an H hook.  I used the join as you go method.  There are many video tutorials on YouTube, such as the one below, but I suggest that you do a search for them and find one that suits you best.  The border is simply rounds of granny stitches and a final round of double crochet.





Baby Blanket #2 – The Purple

6 Dec

Pattern:  Lucy’s Neat Ripple Pattern

Yarn: I Love This Yarn: white, orchid, amethyst, purple

Hook:  H


I added a border to even out the ripples:

  • 1 round of sc in white and as needed to fill in the valleys of the rippled edges
  • 1 round of hdc in orchid
  • 2 rounds of hdc in amethyst
  • 1 round of sc in purple

I don’t like the way the white shows up so obviously on the sides and next time will use a more neutral color for the first round of the border.

The final size was 42″ x 35″.

Directions for crocheting a straight border on a ripple can be found on the Wires & Yarns blog.


Baby Blanket #1

18 Nov

Apparently, it is the season for another round of babies!  I don’t normally make baby blankets as shower gifts, but felt motivated to do so this time.   So, I set aside my ‘favorite project ever’ and began work on a round ripple for a baby girl.  This is what came of it.

Ainsley Grace Round Ripple

My color inspiration was this Double Treble Square I made last winter, but it didn’t quite come off in this larger project.  Still pleased with the blanket, just not thrilled.  I love the center of a round ripple!

This pattern is Gentle Waves Round Ripple by Michelle Rhodes at Mik Knits.

I used an I hook.

The yarns used are:

I Love This Yarn – buttercup, peach, pink

Vanna’s Choice Baby – pink poodle

finished with I Love This Yarn – aubergine

I wanted to use this RR pattern because there isn’t any holes in the peaks and valleys for little baby toes to peek through.  This is, however, the waviest RR of all the patterns I’ve used.  I don’t know if that is inherent to this particular pattern or something I was doing.

The last round is half dc to make it a littler firmer on the edges….it did want to curl a bit, but the weight helps keep that to a minimum.

Finished Group Project

7 Feb

The Well Traveled Baby Blanket

The Traveling Baby Blanket

Pattern: Baby Big Granny Afghan
Yarn: ILTY in white, buttercup, orchid, mid green, and springtime ombre
Hook: H or I depending on who was crocheting

Thank you Michelle, Elaine, Jessica, and Ginger for your beautiful handwork.

This was a fun way to crochet, work together, share chocolate, and to bless a friend! We are looking forward to doing it again.

A Group Project

2 Dec

group afghanPattern: Lion Brand Giant Granny Square Baby Afghan
Yarn: I Love This Yarn! Solids – white, buttercup, orchid, mid green
I Love This Yarn! Ombre – springtime ombre
Hook: H

This is a group project with some friends of mine. Each of us will crochet one of the above colors and pass it on to the next. I’m excited to see how it will turn out and (hint hint) hope to have a picture of the finished afghan.