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Baby Blanket #1

18 Nov

Apparently, it is the season for another round of babies!  I don’t normally make baby blankets as shower gifts, but felt motivated to do so this time.   So, I set aside my ‘favorite project ever’ and began work on a round ripple for a baby girl.  This is what came of it.

Ainsley Grace Round Ripple

My color inspiration was this Double Treble Square I made last winter, but it didn’t quite come off in this larger project.  Still pleased with the blanket, just not thrilled.  I love the center of a round ripple!

This pattern is Gentle Waves Round Ripple by Michelle Rhodes at Mik Knits.

I used an I hook.

The yarns used are:

I Love This Yarn – buttercup, peach, pink

Vanna’s Choice Baby – pink poodle

finished with I Love This Yarn – aubergine

I wanted to use this RR pattern because there isn’t any holes in the peaks and valleys for little baby toes to peek through.  This is, however, the waviest RR of all the patterns I’ve used.  I don’t know if that is inherent to this particular pattern or something I was doing.

The last round is half dc to make it a littler firmer on the edges….it did want to curl a bit, but the weight helps keep that to a minimum.


December Things

22 Dec

Hubby’s Patriotic Round Ripple
Patriot RR - almost
Just not quite big enough, but I have 4 days left, right?


Handi Sani Holders
Handi Sani Holder
Aren’t they cute? Tis still the season, ya know…..the FLU season.
Directions can be found on my crochet hero’s Ravelry project page.


Now about this next square.
First, I’d like to introduce you to my 2010 BAMCAL colors: ILTY mid-green, cranapple stripe, and antique white. Something red will join them, but I have to find just the right one.
Second, this is a striking square, especially fitting for the Christmas season, but beware, it’s a bit twisty. I know it’s not just me b/c I see the twistiness in other photos of this same square. So, I decided to venture into blocking. Made myself a right nice blocking pillow with a pillow form, some batting and some cheap white cloth. Oh, and some duct tape.

Here’s the “before” shot. Falling Star

Here’s the “after” shot. Falling Star - blocked

See the tremendous improvement in this disobedient square after it was properly blocked? LOL, nah, me neither! If you could see them IRL you might notice that there is a bit less twistiness, especially in/around the variegated yarn section, but I can’t say I was blown away by the results.

Pattern: Falling Star by Melinda Miller


That brings me to this little troublemaker:
Winter Rose
I would say this is a modified version of the Winter Rose by Julee Reeves. The overall effect of the lone winter rose in the snow is definitely going on here and it will be the center square for my 2009 BAMCAL afghan. The only other square I did so much frogging on this year was the Center Heart Square.


Speaking of my 2009 BAMCAL afghan…the squares are ready for assembly. I will start that project after Christmas is over.

Merry Christmas – may you feel the Saviour’s love and wonder at His holiness this Christmas!

Bull’s Round Ripple Afghan

26 Dec

Bull's Round Ripple

Pattern : Round Ripple following these instructions
Yarn : I Love This Yarn! by Hobby Lobby in medium blue, brown, & blue camo stripe
Red Heart SS in navy
Hook : I
Finished size: 72″ point to point

Here is a closeup shot of the border done in Reverse Half Double Crochet. This is a wonderful, hefty border that is worth the time and the effort to learn to crochet backwards.
Rev HDC edging

On The Hooks

7 Nov

Holiday Ornaments by Lisa Gentry, which you can see if you join the Lisa Gentry Ravelry group.

IMG_3044Christmas Stocking for my youngest, who has never liked the fact that his stocking isn’t “personalized”, and rightfully so. This isn’t exactly the pattern I am using, but it’s still from Coats & Clark and it’s free. The pattern I am working from is in October 2008’s Crochet World magazine.

The annual crocheted coat hangers. This year they are going to the boys’ piano teacher. Her favorite color is peach….do you know how hard it is to find peach colored yarn? I hope these will do.

Bull’s Round Ripple is in a deep state of hibernation. ZzZzzz.  Had to wake it up for the photo. I’m thinking another round of blue, a round of navy, 5-7 rounds of brown then top it off w/a round & a border of the camo stripe. I want it big so he can use it for a long, long time.


Nephew’s Flannelghan is coming along and would come along a lot faster, if I could just make myself finish it. Argh! One more strip, stitch them together, and add a couple border rows before I call it quits on this one. IMG_3046

I am thinking of joining a Block/Square A Month Keepsake blanket CAL/KAL, on Ravelry, that will start in January. I already have some yarn for this, but I’m also wanting to make a Lace & Bobbles afghan.

Watercolors Round Ripple Lapghan

3 Sep

About 46″ from point to point…just big enough for a lapghan, but not big enough to wrap up in.

Watercolors Round Ripple Afghan

Watercolors Round Ripple Border
I wanted a ruffly border and I definitely got that! Essentially, it is *slip stitch, 5 dc in same stitch, skip stitch*, start all over again and make it fit when needed.

Pattern: round ripple
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Watercolors (varigated), Frosty Green, and Light Sage
Hook: I

2 WiPs

5 Jul

Bull\'s RR

I just started this one on the 3rd for my oldest son. I knew the Spiderman RR would end up being the sole possession of my youngest DS. 🙂 Anyway, he chose blues and browns … very boy. I am enjoying this ripple.
Free pattern: Monica’s Z’s rendition

Graduation Flannelghan
This is the afghan for my nephew’s graduation. His college colors will be black & red. This is worked with 2 strands of dc and made in strips. I am ‘working’ on my 3rd strip of 5. This one I don’t enjoy so much, but it will look good when finished.
Free pattern: Flannelghan

Spiderman RR

15 Mar

Here it is – finished, 64″ point to point, and downy soft. How can anyone not like this blanket?  This is a gift for my boys and happily modeled by my youngest son.

Spiderman RR - finished
Pattern: Spiderman Round Ripple Afghan
Yarn: RHSS in cherry red, turqua, and black
Hook: I
started:  2/27/08    finished:  3/25/08