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Owl Have Another One

24 Apr

I am totally in love with these little fellas!  They are irresistibly cute and easy to work up in some spare time.  The pattern is wonderfully written and supported with large, clear photos.  Find it here.

So far, I have finished 4 of these, with some body parts waiting for assembly.  I have yet to add the separate wings because I don’t think it really needs them and I’m all for less hand-sewing.  Now, new to me, because I’m really not much of a crafter, are ‘safety eyes’ and I bought a bag of them from Amazon.  I have the 12mm size and that seems to be about right.  I also bought some buttons to use and put those on the owl with the “spiderman” colors.  I prefer the look of the buttons, I think, but the safety eyes are easier.

 The yarns are a mishmash of acrylic scraps and bits of single stashed skeins that don’t really have a purpose; mostly I Love This Yarn and Vanna’s Choice. You’ll also need some stuffing, for stuffing the little birds.  Don’t overstuff, or they’ll get a little wall-eyed on ya.

They make great little gifties, don’t you think?


A couple three scarfs

29 Dec

The lovely Short Shelly Scarf works up easily and has that nice edge to it. I made two of these, this shorter version and a medium length scarf with fringe. Both loved by their recipients and I give much credit to the slow-striping Crystal Palace Mochi Plus ‘Berry Compote’ yarn. I used an H hook for the shorter scarf and an I hook for the medium length…no big difference.

The NoNoNoro Scarf. I have to keep this one myself because I wouldn’t gift something made of this yarn to anyone. Hard to work with, schlubby, scratchy, and just all around unpleasant. The color, however is classic Noro prettiness. It will look smashing enough draped around my neck….but never touching my skin….uck. For the record, this is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. The pattern is a pleasure though. I couldn’t be totally mindless with it, especially at the turns. It is October Scarf – Diagonal Block Stitch. I used an F hook, but I really don’t know what to recommend with this yarn.

And the work in progress: (being sick with the flu for half a month will slow down e.v.e.r.y.thing)

Pattern: Cool Waves
Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing — like this yarn!
Hook: H

Moonrise Wrap

9 Dec

Moonrise Wrap by Joya Designs – available thru her Ravelry page.
Yarn: ILTY – black sparkle, mulberry, purple, dark mist, grey beard
Hook: K

I was looking for a wrap for a friend of mine and knew this was it when I saw the picture and the name. My dear, young friend is a little gothy and totally in love with all things Edward. She also has some significant, life-changing health issues and needs something warm and comfy to wrap herself in when going through all the tests, exams, and bad times. If you’ve got a minute, please say a prayer for Heather. God knows her needs. (those of you that know Heather, please don’t tell….its not yet mailed)
I didn’t really think I would likes these yarns together, but I’ve fallen in love with it. I hope she likes it as much as I do!


Sparklies and Fringies







Update:  Heather’s gift arrived as she was leaving for some cardiology tests.  God’s perfect timing!  And she loves it!  Her daughter even said, “Sheri sure knows you.”

Black Skinny Scarf

26 Jan

Black Skinny Scarf

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Pattern: Sami’s Skinny Scarf – a free Ravelry download
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Merino Soft
Hook: F

I really enjoy this scarf….not too heavy or bulky. I made it rather long, so I have lots of options as to how I want to wear it.

Incredibly easy, so its a great no-brainer, take-along kind of project that doesn’t take up much room.

A Tale of Two Scarfs

1 Jan

Picked up the hooks while on Christmas break and worked up two scarfs for myself.  “Scarfs” is an acceptable plural of scarf (i looked it up).  “Scarves” just seems funny to me.


My Moody Scarf

Pattern:  Isar Scarf

Yarn:  Universal Yarn Moods – 1 1/2 balls and I am not happy about the total difference in striping.  Not.At.All.

Hook:  F





Spring Windows Scarf

Spring Windows Scarf

Pattern:  not a pattern, but directions are here.

Yarn:  Sinfonia Cotton that I had in my stash

Hook:  E

Christmas Sun Pillow

5 Feb

Christmas Sun Pillow

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Sun Daze is the pattern chosen for the alternate Ravelry Block-A-Month CAL. I love Dayna’s patterns and this one is no exception.

Happily crocheting along, I notice that the center pooks out too much for my liking, so I double check the pattern and my stitches. Aha, I am using an H hook says I and I should be using an I hook. So, I set this one aside and grab the I hook; begin again.

OK, less pooking, but its getting too big, too fast. Scrutinize pattern and my stitches again. Aha, what do you know — it was supposed to be an H hook after all. So I set aside the I hook block and finish the H hook block. All turns out well with that one and the pookiness is less noticeable with the weight of more rows.

Now, what to do with my I hook block? I abhor frogging. Pillows forms calling from my yarniverse in the corner. *heeey, what about us* Hey, I had a great idea: why don’t I make a matching Christmas pillow with one of those pillow forms I bought a year ago for some long forgotten project.  So, side one of my Christmas pillow completed and still undecided about what to do for the back side.

And so you’ll know what a circular trip this really was….the pattern calls for an I hook. I try to do most of my squares w/an H hook because it is my favorite and just because.

Pattern – Sun Daze by Dayna Audirsch
Hook – I, H, I mean H…whatever
Yarn – ILTY – ivory, mid green, crabapple stripe

Heart Garland

13 Jan

heart garland

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

I needed something to brighten up my post-Christmas mantle. Nothing like a chain of happy hearts to cheer up the place.

Heart Motif by Addey
RHSS yarns in burgundy, shocking pink, and candy print