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Owl Have Another One

24 Apr

I am totally in love with these little fellas!  They are irresistibly cute and easy to work up in some spare time.  The pattern is wonderfully written and supported with large, clear photos.  Find it here.

So far, I have finished 4 of these, with some body parts waiting for assembly.  I have yet to add the separate wings because I don’t think it really needs them and I’m all for less hand-sewing.  Now, new to me, because I’m really not much of a crafter, are ‘safety eyes’ and I bought a bag of them from Amazon.  I have the 12mm size and that seems to be about right.  I also bought some buttons to use and put those on the owl with the “spiderman” colors.  I prefer the look of the buttons, I think, but the safety eyes are easier.

 The yarns are a mishmash of acrylic scraps and bits of single stashed skeins that don’t really have a purpose; mostly I Love This Yarn and Vanna’s Choice. You’ll also need some stuffing, for stuffing the little birds.  Don’t overstuff, or they’ll get a little wall-eyed on ya.

They make great little gifties, don’t you think?


2014 Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long

11 Jan


I was motivated to join this year’s BAMCAL at Ravelry this year and these are the January squares:

Frostbloom 12" square
Frostbloom 12″ Afghan Square by Shan Sevcik
This is an awesome pattern that is well-written and not as difficult as one might think when looking at the result. In fact, I so loved working on this square that I bought the designer’s ebook.

Next is a square from the ever-reliable SmoothFox aka Donna Mason-Svara
This one is Lemony Lime Citrus in Pink.
Lemony Lime Citrus Square in Pink

Both squares were done with my favorite Etimo Tulip “I” hook and a mix of yarns.
*the lighter shade of pink is ILTY pink, the darker shade is VC pink poodle
*the dark color is RH Soft magenta
*the green (limelight), peach, white, and yellow is ILTY