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WIM to Done…Baby Blanket

24 Jan

From a handful of unruly grannies, stitched up just for fun:













To a nice, bright, little baby blanket:













The two granny patterns are:

Never Ending Granny  – the white solid grannies and the grannies with black squares

Bouncing Ball Granny – the corner grannies with black circles

The grannies are put together with ILTY Limelight and an H hook.  I used the join as you go method.  There are many video tutorials on YouTube, such as the one below, but I suggest that you do a search for them and find one that suits you best.  The border is simply rounds of granny stitches and a final round of double crochet.





Baby Blanket #2 – The Purple

6 Dec

Pattern:  Lucy’s Neat Ripple Pattern

Yarn: I Love This Yarn: white, orchid, amethyst, purple

Hook:  H


I added a border to even out the ripples:

  • 1 round of sc in white and as needed to fill in the valleys of the rippled edges
  • 1 round of hdc in orchid
  • 2 rounds of hdc in amethyst
  • 1 round of sc in purple

I don’t like the way the white shows up so obviously on the sides and next time will use a more neutral color for the first round of the border.

The final size was 42″ x 35″.

Directions for crocheting a straight border on a ripple can be found on the Wires & Yarns blog.


Sissy Pooh Loves America

16 Jun

The Sissy Pooh

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Pattern: The Sissy Pooh by Lisa Gentry
Yarn: Sugar & Cream American Stripes
Hook: G

I made this for a friend of mine who’s granddaughter just turned one. She is a petite little girl and I think this will fit just fine. I wonder if I can find some bloomers made from a nice calico print of navy blue with little white stars? Nah, probably not in my neck of the woods. And I can’t even sew a button on straight, so don’t even suggest it! LOL

Finished Group Project

7 Feb

The Well Traveled Baby Blanket

The Traveling Baby Blanket

Pattern: Baby Big Granny Afghan
Yarn: ILTY in white, buttercup, orchid, mid green, and springtime ombre
Hook: H or I depending on who was crocheting

Thank you Michelle, Elaine, Jessica, and Ginger for your beautiful handwork.

This was a fun way to crochet, work together, share chocolate, and to bless a friend! We are looking forward to doing it again.