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It’s Fall Ya’ll and that means Yarn!

17 Oct

Finally cooling off here in the Mid-South and I am dragging out a project that I’ve been itchin’ to get started.  I have one last blanket for my youngest grandson to make and it’s time!

Looks like it’s going to be a stripe blanket with interlocking colors: black, purple, yellow, and white.  Can you guess the young man’s favorite NFL team?  -Starts with an M and ends in ‘sota-  Yep, Vikings purple and yellow with some black and white thrown in for variety, balance, and interest.  Thinking about adding some silver-ish gray, because I like an odd number of colors.

Oh, “interlocking colors” is an idea I found on Attic24’s blog.  It is not a pattern per se, just an interesting way to arrange the color changes.

Happy Fall and Happy Crocheting!



For Peepers

11 Feb

Story behind this afghan ~
I’ve been crocheting squares off and on, ‘just for fun’ with no particular project in mind. An abundance of pink overfloweth from the yarn stash, so it was the obvious choice to wrap around a hook for awhile.


A little more than month ago, a long-time friend, I mean since 5th grade kind of girlfriend, told me that her mother had a stroke and was in the hospital and going through some rehab. She was worried and unable to be there, face-to-face, for her Mom. My heart ached because she is my friend and mother/daughter relationships are special. All of the sudden, I had a purpose for all this pinkness! Just needed a couple more squares to make, tweak a couple squares I was never completely happy with, and then stitch it all together. Yes, stitch.it.all.together….not my strong suit. Anyway, it is finished, prayed over, and will be on it’s way in a couple days.

I knew PINK would be the perfect color. Having spent a bazillion hours at the Webb House and in the Webb Pool, I would see The Lady of the Webb House wearing a pink bikini quite often during Pool Season. I think she must have worn pink regularly because that is a color I associate with her. Or maybe it was pink lipstick….probably both. She looooved her big sunglasses, too and that is why this is called Peeper’s Afghan. There may be a little more to that story, but you’ll never hear it here! 😉

And if you would, send up a little prayer for my friend and her Mama.


Details about the individual squares (at least most of them) are below in their own posts and I will post the rest later.
Put this together with VC Poodle Pink and did a border of 2 rounds of granny stitch and 1 round of sc. Crochet Cabana has an awesome tutorial about joining squares with this method. Crochet Cabana – part 1

‘Finally, The Ripple’ is Finally Done!

1 Jan

Started in Feb 2012 and finished New Year’s Eve 2012!  It took while and I usually don’t crochet in the warm southern months, but patience is definitely a part of working on big blankies.

Sometimes crochet is just busy work – to carry around with me and work on as I sit waiting on something or someone.  Dish clothes are an excellent carry along project and help me get through the ‘waiting’.

Sometimes crochet is meditative and prayerful.  Some of my best conversations with my Lord are while crocheting.  Oft times the prayer is intercessory as I work on a gift for someone.  The last scarf I completed was started with no one in mind, but before it was over, the Lord let me know who it was for.

Sometimes crochet is quite purposeful.  There is a need.  Charity squares and baby blankets are quite purposeful.  They are also worked up with prayer.

Sometimes its just fun.  Test squares are fun and so are garlands.

Sometimes I need to expand my skill level and there are plenty of challenging squares to fill the bill. Some day, there will be doilies in my house, homemade by me.

Sometimes I find something so amazingly beautiful and inspiring that I just have to make it.  This ripple is such a project; inspired by Attic24 and her love of color.

Color is contagious and Color is happy!


Pattern:  NeatRipple by Lucy of Attic24

Yarn:  Cascade 220 Superwash Wool – 2 balls of 10 colors. I adore this yarn!

Hook:  H – my only Tulip Etimo hook and my favorite by far.

Each repeat is 28 stitches (add a ch 3 to turn)
With a starting chain of 227 (224 + 3) and 124 rows (62 color changes) this gave me a 60″x70″ afghan.  It fits atop our queen size bed, but there is very little hanging over the side and it doesn’t quite make it top to bottom.  The original plan was for a border of about 4 or 5 rounds, but I did not have enough of any color to complete one round.  The colors were chosen randomly and I do wish I had bought a light orange color to add in the mix.  Nevertheless, I am almost giddy with my big ripple and it has brought me many happy hours of crocheting, praying, sitting quietly or watching some TV, wrapping myself up with it while I work, making happy color choices, and just all around contentment.



The Ripple Dance

22 Feb

After a couple projects that tested my skill and patience, I must have wanted something dreamy to crochet. What better than a ripple? Exactly!

I bought this lovely assortment of playful yarns from WEBS quite awhile ago and just never really decided what to do with it.
First, it was a ripple,
then a granny square blanket,
and for awhile, it was going to be a granny stripe blanket.
I even entertained the Lace & Bobbles pattern, aka Stitch Sampler by Jean Holzman.
Coming, full circle…..it’s a ripple, specifically Lucy of Attic24’s Neat Ripple. All ripples are so similar and Lucy’s inspiration came from Jan Eaton’s Soft Waves (#8 in her book). The repeats are different 14 and 12 respectively, fwiw.

Finally, the Ripple

A discussion on the Lucy group on Ravelry brought about the dance….The Ripple Dance, if you will. 🙂

Another trick to this pattern is the rhythm – the dance! Each row starts with the V – the 2 US dc…so here we go…

1 & 2….1 2 3 4…1 & 2 decrease…1 2 3 4…1 & 2 and 1 & 2 increase…1 2 3 4…1 & 2 decrease…..

…and so it goes to the end with a final 1 & 2

It is the rhythm that makes ripples so addictive and enjoyable. My own little yarny high going on….all legal and good for the spirit. What makes me so happy with this particular ripple is the color….so MUCH color that it is a feast. I can’t wait to wrap myself in this blanket!
I admit that rippling can get boring in its simplicity, but the color changes come just fast enough and I look forward to standing over my box of yarns and picking the next color to work. Yes, I’ve gone completely wild and gone random with my color choices! OH!

The Details:
Chain 227 (224 + 3 turning chain) for a 60″ wide blanket
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Wool
Hook: H (because its my favorite)
No dance shoes required.

Children don’t stop dancing
Believe you can fly

How To Crochet a Blanket

20 Apr

This was one of the search engine terms that ‘found’ it’s way to my crochet blog. I suspect the person was disappointed b/c I’ve never really talked about how I crocheted my first blanket. So for a moment or two, here’s how I worked up to doing my first blanket.

Before You Start
Buy a couple hook sizes and maybe a couple different brands to see what feels best in your hand. Boye and Bates are readily available. I prefer Bates because my hands are small. I’ve also grown fond of Clover hooks, but they’re not for everybody, either. I recommend a H or I hook to start.
Buy some cheap yarn. Red Heart Super Saver is fine to learn with. I don’t recommend Caron Simply Soft because it’s splits and that is aggravating. Learning to crochet can be aggravating enough without yarn problems, so save the Caron SS for later. Cotton yarn, like Sugar ‘n Cream is good also.

  • Learn how to make a consistently sized chain, then work on turning your chain and working back down the chain.
  • Learn how to single crochet several rows without missing the end stitches or adding stitches. In other words your project should stay squared up and even all around. When I was doing this I just made blocks of all sizes, squares and rectangles.
  • Next, master your double crochet.
  • Other stitches you may need: half double crochet, slip stitch. 

Your stitches don’t have to be anywhere near perfect, and when you can make a fairly decent square, you’re ready. I recommend starting with a ripple and this pattern by Susan B is a classic. There are other ripple patterns and other types of blanket to start with, but this is what I started with. By the time you finish this blanket, you’ll feel quite confident with your double crochet skills.   Happy crocheting1 Crocheting!

Finished Group Project

7 Feb

The Well Traveled Baby Blanket

The Traveling Baby Blanket

Pattern: Baby Big Granny Afghan
Yarn: ILTY in white, buttercup, orchid, mid green, and springtime ombre
Hook: H or I depending on who was crocheting

Thank you Michelle, Elaine, Jessica, and Ginger for your beautiful handwork.

This was a fun way to crochet, work together, share chocolate, and to bless a friend! We are looking forward to doing it again.

Bull’s Round Ripple Afghan

26 Dec

Bull's Round Ripple

Pattern : Round Ripple following these instructions
Yarn : I Love This Yarn! by Hobby Lobby in medium blue, brown, & blue camo stripe
Red Heart SS in navy
Hook : I
Finished size: 72″ point to point

Here is a closeup shot of the border done in Reverse Half Double Crochet. This is a wonderful, hefty border that is worth the time and the effort to learn to crochet backwards.
Rev HDC edging