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The rest of the pink squares…

2 Mar

…from Peeper’s little afghan.

First off…why I made a small afghan, which can also be called a lapghan:
1 – small afghans work better for people with limited mobility that are upright in beds and chairs because they won’t get all twisted up in it
2 – big enough to cover one’s lap but won’t get caught up in the wheels of a wheelchair

Secondly….why use acrylic?
1 – no special laundry care
2 – no wool allergies to worry about
3 – it is cheaper….unfortunately, things tend to ‘walk’ in long-term care homes
4 – not everybody likes wool and I, personally, find cotton too much strain on the wrists for anything bigger than a dishcloth

Catalina Square









Catalina Square by Julie Yeager


This particular pattern from Julie is free.  Her patterns have much eye appeal with varying degrees of difficulty.  See the treble clusters in the corners of the peach and light pink rounds…I love those!












The Longing Light of Evening by Shan Sevcik


This one is not free, but can be purchased through her Ravelry store individually or as part of a small eBook.  Shan is a new designer to me and I have really enjoyed this pattern and the previously posted Frostbloom.


And finally this little lovely….









Kaleidoscope Blossom Square  by Chris Simon


BAMCAL & WIP progress

5 Jan

So it begins…..the Ravelry 2010 Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long in my Christmasy colors. This year’s yarns are:
I Love This Yarn – aubergine, midgreen, and ivory.
I Love This Yarn – cranapple stripe (I fell in love with this yarn and had to have it….still lovin’ it)
I might even sneak in a bit of pink here and there, just for fun.

Jan 2010BAMCAL - 12"
Not a very exciting square, but OK…especially in my beautiful cranapple yarn.

EZee-Vzee Granny Square by James Davis – this is an archived pattern, posted on Ravelry.
H hook
Notes: Added a sc border to bring it up to 12″ and changed the joins so that they meet in the corner.
An easy & quick pattern to work.
Rounds of sc or hdc can be worked in to add heft, although surprisingly it’s not a terribly flimsy square.

Jan 2010BAMCAL - 6"
This is a 6″ square that I crocheted just to be crocheting something and I grabbed the yarn closest to me…..go ahead, call me lazy. The shoe certainly fit that day! I like the square and colors, so I will probably keep making these 6″ squares in my patriotic colors and we’ll see where it goes.

Little Dahlia by Chris Simon – visit her website, YarnCrazy for the pattern
ILTY Ombre -Freedom
Vanna’s Choice – Colonial Blue
H Hook

Notes: Not the easiest or best written pattern for me. Not sure what my problem was because I generally find Chris Simon’s patterns some of the best.
No changes.

Oh yes…..that brings me to WIP progress. Let’s just say I’ll get back to ya on that, although I’m caught up on the BAMCAL and it’s only the 4th. teehee

GoodYarn News! I have a shipment on the way………… oops, laundry is beeping……

Birthday Square

4 Oct

Birthday Square

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Beautiful. Versatile. Well-Written. All these things that I’ve come to expect from a Chris Simon square pattern. Now go make one! 😉

You might notice that I haven’t weaved the end in yet. Still deciding if I should add another round of sc, since this comes in at just a smidge under 12″. Also have to decide if I have enough white left.

Pattern: Birthday Square
Yarn: ILTY pink, orchid, antique white
Hook: H (next time use an I)

Double-Framed Lace Square

11 Jul

Double-Framed Lace Square

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Does this lady ever get tired of doing squares? Uuuh, No.

Double-Framed Lace by Chris Simon
Yarn: ILTY pink, antique white
Hook: H

This was an unruly square, wanting to ruffle and buckle. As you can see, I have hooked it into submission. It’s a lovely, well-behaved square.

12″ by working last row in dc instead of sc.

Chris Simon has a new website (because Geocities is closing) and her patterns (free and fee) can be found at YarnCrazy Crochet World.

Waldo’s Puzzle

3 Apr

Waldo’s Puzzle

Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Another block for the BAMCAL

Pattern: Waldo’s Puzzle by Chris Simon
Yarn: ILTY
Hook: I

My rings are not linked per pattern, which I didn’t realize until I was half finished. It looks fine, although I tacked them down a little bit with yarn. With the exception of the rings placement, this is a very easy pattern.