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The rest of the pink squares…

2 Mar

…from Peeper’s little afghan.

First off…why I made a small afghan, which can also be called a lapghan:
1 – small afghans work better for people with limited mobility that are upright in beds and chairs because they won’t get all twisted up in it
2 – big enough to cover one’s lap but won’t get caught up in the wheels of a wheelchair

Secondly….why use acrylic?
1 – no special laundry care
2 – no wool allergies to worry about
3 – it is cheaper….unfortunately, things tend to ‘walk’ in long-term care homes
4 – not everybody likes wool and I, personally, find cotton too much strain on the wrists for anything bigger than a dishcloth

Catalina Square









Catalina Square by Julie Yeager


This particular pattern from Julie is free.  Her patterns have much eye appeal with varying degrees of difficulty.  See the treble clusters in the corners of the peach and light pink rounds…I love those!












The Longing Light of Evening by Shan Sevcik


This one is not free, but can be purchased through her Ravelry store individually or as part of a small eBook.  Shan is a new designer to me and I have really enjoyed this pattern and the previously posted Frostbloom.


And finally this little lovely….









Kaleidoscope Blossom Square  by Chris Simon


For Peepers

11 Feb

Story behind this afghan ~
I’ve been crocheting squares off and on, ‘just for fun’ with no particular project in mind. An abundance of pink overfloweth from the yarn stash, so it was the obvious choice to wrap around a hook for awhile.


A little more than month ago, a long-time friend, I mean since 5th grade kind of girlfriend, told me that her mother had a stroke and was in the hospital and going through some rehab. She was worried and unable to be there, face-to-face, for her Mom. My heart ached because she is my friend and mother/daughter relationships are special. All of the sudden, I had a purpose for all this pinkness! Just needed a couple more squares to make, tweak a couple squares I was never completely happy with, and then stitch it all together. Yes, stitch.it.all.together….not my strong suit. Anyway, it is finished, prayed over, and will be on it’s way in a couple days.

I knew PINK would be the perfect color. Having spent a bazillion hours at the Webb House and in the Webb Pool, I would see The Lady of the Webb House wearing a pink bikini quite often during Pool Season. I think she must have worn pink regularly because that is a color I associate with her. Or maybe it was pink lipstick….probably both. She looooved her big sunglasses, too and that is why this is called Peeper’s Afghan. There may be a little more to that story, but you’ll never hear it here! 😉

And if you would, send up a little prayer for my friend and her Mama.


Details about the individual squares (at least most of them) are below in their own posts and I will post the rest later.
Put this together with VC Poodle Pink and did a border of 2 rounds of granny stitch and 1 round of sc. Crochet Cabana has an awesome tutorial about joining squares with this method. Crochet Cabana – part 1

WIM to Done…Baby Blanket

24 Jan

From a handful of unruly grannies, stitched up just for fun:













To a nice, bright, little baby blanket:













The two granny patterns are:

Never Ending Granny  – the white solid grannies and the grannies with black squares

Bouncing Ball Granny – the corner grannies with black circles

The grannies are put together with ILTY Limelight and an H hook.  I used the join as you go method.  There are many video tutorials on YouTube, such as the one below, but I suggest that you do a search for them and find one that suits you best.  The border is simply rounds of granny stitches and a final round of double crochet.




Baby Blanket #1

18 Nov

Apparently, it is the season for another round of babies!  I don’t normally make baby blankets as shower gifts, but felt motivated to do so this time.   So, I set aside my ‘favorite project ever’ and began work on a round ripple for a baby girl.  This is what came of it.

Ainsley Grace Round Ripple

My color inspiration was this Double Treble Square I made last winter, but it didn’t quite come off in this larger project.  Still pleased with the blanket, just not thrilled.  I love the center of a round ripple!

This pattern is Gentle Waves Round Ripple by Michelle Rhodes at Mik Knits.

I used an I hook.

The yarns used are:

I Love This Yarn – buttercup, peach, pink

Vanna’s Choice Baby – pink poodle

finished with I Love This Yarn – aubergine

I wanted to use this RR pattern because there isn’t any holes in the peaks and valleys for little baby toes to peek through.  This is, however, the waviest RR of all the patterns I’ve used.  I don’t know if that is inherent to this particular pattern or something I was doing.

The last round is half dc to make it a littler firmer on the edges….it did want to curl a bit, but the weight helps keep that to a minimum.

A couple three scarfs

29 Dec

The lovely Short Shelly Scarf works up easily and has that nice edge to it. I made two of these, this shorter version and a medium length scarf with fringe. Both loved by their recipients and I give much credit to the slow-striping Crystal Palace Mochi Plus ‘Berry Compote’ yarn. I used an H hook for the shorter scarf and an I hook for the medium length…no big difference.

The NoNoNoro Scarf. I have to keep this one myself because I wouldn’t gift something made of this yarn to anyone. Hard to work with, schlubby, scratchy, and just all around unpleasant. The color, however is classic Noro prettiness. It will look smashing enough draped around my neck….but never touching my skin….uck. For the record, this is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. The pattern is a pleasure though. I couldn’t be totally mindless with it, especially at the turns. It is October Scarf – Diagonal Block Stitch. I used an F hook, but I really don’t know what to recommend with this yarn.

And the work in progress: (being sick with the flu for half a month will slow down e.v.e.r.y.thing)

Pattern: Cool Waves
Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing — like this yarn!
Hook: H

Moonrise Wrap

9 Dec

Moonrise Wrap by Joya Designs – available thru her Ravelry page.
Yarn: ILTY – black sparkle, mulberry, purple, dark mist, grey beard
Hook: K

I was looking for a wrap for a friend of mine and knew this was it when I saw the picture and the name. My dear, young friend is a little gothy and totally in love with all things Edward. She also has some significant, life-changing health issues and needs something warm and comfy to wrap herself in when going through all the tests, exams, and bad times. If you’ve got a minute, please say a prayer for Heather. God knows her needs. (those of you that know Heather, please don’t tell….its not yet mailed)
I didn’t really think I would likes these yarns together, but I’ve fallen in love with it. I hope she likes it as much as I do!


Sparklies and Fringies







Update:  Heather’s gift arrived as she was leaving for some cardiology tests.  God’s perfect timing!  And she loves it!  Her daughter even said, “Sheri sure knows you.”

Felted Yarnbag

5 Dec

I am NOT going to admit how long ago I started this, nor how long ago it should have been gifted. This is another Lisa Gentry Yarn Bag, but I made this one huge. I wanted to felt it to tighten up the stitches so the goods can’t slip through and I still wanted it to be big. Well, that it is. I think I placed 6 skeins in there without stuffing and still had room for more yarn or the project du jour and the necessary accoutrements.

Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Prints – Majestic Mountain
Hook: H