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A couple three scarfs

29 Dec

The lovely Short Shelly Scarf works up easily and has that nice edge to it. I made two of these, this shorter version and a medium length scarf with fringe. Both loved by their recipients and I give much credit to the slow-striping Crystal Palace Mochi Plus ‘Berry Compote’ yarn. I used an H hook for the shorter scarf and an I hook for the medium length…no big difference.

The NoNoNoro Scarf. I have to keep this one myself because I wouldn’t gift something made of this yarn to anyone. Hard to work with, schlubby, scratchy, and just all around unpleasant. The color, however is classic Noro prettiness. It will look smashing enough draped around my neck….but never touching my skin….uck. For the record, this is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. The pattern is a pleasure though. I couldn’t be totally mindless with it, especially at the turns. It is October Scarf – Diagonal Block Stitch. I used an F hook, but I really don’t know what to recommend with this yarn.

And the work in progress: (being sick with the flu for half a month will slow down e.v.e.r.y.thing)

Pattern: Cool Waves
Yarn: Lion Brand Amazing — like this yarn!
Hook: H