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WIP-it January

1 Feb

Weeeeell, lets see.

  • Heart Garland done and hanging beautifully in my living room, as you can see in the post below.
  • The Snowman was 86’d.
  • The Flannelghan made it out of hibernation! This is big progress. No, it’s not finished, but I am working on the edgings. Working w/2 strands of RHSS easily tires my wrists. I hope the snowy weather doesn’t chase it back into it’s den.
  • 2010 BAMCAL is on target, in fact, I just dl’d February’s patterns tonite. Yay!
  • 2009 BAMCAL squares – strips are together.
  • Brown wool shawl – haven’t touched it.

Shiney Things Update:

I’m not keeping up the pace with the GourmetCrochet CAL. The shell blocks are interesting enough and it will look smashing, I think. Here’s a little peek:
Variations CAL

Test Squares
I’m very honored to have tested two 6″ granny square patterns for SmoothFox Original Crochet Patterns.

Celtic Cross Granny 6×6 – which I already showed you and this new one:

Flower Button Granny 6×6
Flower Button Granny

You can see how the center looks like a 4-hole button.  The variegated w/the red really looks much better IRL than the picture.

So, my WIP-it January wasn’t a resounding success as far as getting all my hibernating projects finished, but I did manage some new to me type projects. Plus, it was all about yarn and all about crochet….always a good way to end the month.


BAMCAL & WIP progress

5 Jan

So it begins…..the Ravelry 2010 Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long in my Christmasy colors. This year’s yarns are:
I Love This Yarn – aubergine, midgreen, and ivory.
I Love This Yarn – cranapple stripe (I fell in love with this yarn and had to have it….still lovin’ it)
I might even sneak in a bit of pink here and there, just for fun.

Jan 2010BAMCAL - 12"
Not a very exciting square, but OK…especially in my beautiful cranapple yarn.

EZee-Vzee Granny Square by James Davis – this is an archived pattern, posted on Ravelry.
H hook
Notes: Added a sc border to bring it up to 12″ and changed the joins so that they meet in the corner.
An easy & quick pattern to work.
Rounds of sc or hdc can be worked in to add heft, although surprisingly it’s not a terribly flimsy square.

Jan 2010BAMCAL - 6"
This is a 6″ square that I crocheted just to be crocheting something and I grabbed the yarn closest to me…..go ahead, call me lazy. The shoe certainly fit that day! I like the square and colors, so I will probably keep making these 6″ squares in my patriotic colors and we’ll see where it goes.

Little Dahlia by Chris Simon – visit her website, YarnCrazy for the pattern
ILTY Ombre -Freedom
Vanna’s Choice – Colonial Blue
H Hook

Notes: Not the easiest or best written pattern for me. Not sure what my problem was because I generally find Chris Simon’s patterns some of the best.
No changes.

Oh yes…..that brings me to WIP progress. Let’s just say I’ll get back to ya on that, although I’m caught up on the BAMCAL and it’s only the 4th. teehee

GoodYarn News! I have a shipment on the way………… oops, laundry is beeping……

WIP It, January 2010

1 Jan

I’m setting myself up for failure a few goals for my crochet this year.  My first goal is to finish up my neglected WIPS that are languishing away in their respective cubby holes.  January is a long month, so it seems appropriate to spend it crocheting and reading, reading and crocheting.  It is a busy month, but there should still be ample opportunity for whipping the WIPs.

Here is my WIP List:

Way To Go Shawl in an annoying Moda Dea wool.  The color is a lovely shade of coffee, but there are a gazillion knots in this stuff that makes me wanna pbbbttttt.

Flannelghan in red and black RHSS.  Oh my hands ache thinking about this, but it really must be done…..or frogged or something.

The BAMCAL afghan — stitch those blocks together and put on a nice scallopy edge or not….plain is fine, too. I’d show you the layout, but the pics didn’t turn out well.

Heart Garland. This has only been a wip for about a day, since I just started it last night.  Love these happy little hearts.

Another snowman. This technically isn’t a wip….its a wim, but it must be done this month or it will be put on hold until next football season.


I am also going to keep up with this year’s 2010 BAMCAL on Ravelry….which isn’t a problem….it’s the end of year stitching the blocks together. This one is in Christmas colors and I’ll start stitching it together when I get 9 or 12 blocks done.

WIMs for 2010 — at the moment, anyway

I want a colorful ripple for the boring blue couch in our homeschool room.  Think Attic24. Love her blog.
—and some pillows, too.
A wrap of some sort in a ridiculous expensive yarn….not too lacy, not too chunky.
Destash a bit –>Start a scrap’ghan.
Crochet more charity squares.

That’s it for now. . . until I change my mind. . . again.

On The Hooks

7 Nov

Holiday Ornaments by Lisa Gentry, which you can see if you join the Lisa Gentry Ravelry group.

IMG_3044Christmas Stocking for my youngest, who has never liked the fact that his stocking isn’t “personalized”, and rightfully so. This isn’t exactly the pattern I am using, but it’s still from Coats & Clark and it’s free. The pattern I am working from is in October 2008’s Crochet World magazine.

The annual crocheted coat hangers. This year they are going to the boys’ piano teacher. Her favorite color is peach….do you know how hard it is to find peach colored yarn? I hope these will do.



Bull’s Round Ripple is in a deep state of hibernation. ZzZzzz.  Had to wake it up for the photo. I’m thinking another round of blue, a round of navy, 5-7 rounds of brown then top it off w/a round & a border of the camo stripe. I want it big so he can use it for a long, long time.


Nephew’s Flannelghan is coming along and would come along a lot faster, if I could just make myself finish it. Argh! One more strip, stitch them together, and add a couple border rows before I call it quits on this one. IMG_3046

I am thinking of joining a Block/Square A Month Keepsake blanket CAL/KAL, on Ravelry, that will start in January. I already have some yarn for this, but I’m also wanting to make a Lace & Bobbles afghan.