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Felted Yarnbag

5 Dec

I am NOT going to admit how long ago I started this, nor how long ago it should have been gifted. This is another Lisa Gentry Yarn Bag, but I made this one huge. I wanted to felt it to tighten up the stitches so the goods can’t slip through and I still wanted it to be big. Well, that it is. I think I placed 6 skeins in there without stuffing and still had room for more yarn or the project du jour and the necessary accoutrements.

Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Wool Prints – Majestic Mountain
Hook: H


More Yarn Bags – Felted & Finished

25 Mar


Originally uploaded by ravelSher

Two more yarn bags using Lisa Gentry’s Yarn Bag pattern.

The first picture is the pre-felted photo of both bags.

Yarn – Paton’s Classic Wool

on the left is called Harvest

on the right is called Palais

I hook for both bags.

I am felting the first bag right now and will post pictures when they’re finished.

Bags are felted and drying. I followed the instructions on Paton’s website. – How To Felt Instructions. I have a front-loader washing machine and no idea how hot the water gets.

For the Palais bag: I used the normal cycle/hot for 15 minutes then switched it to cold rinse and spin which ran for 15 minutes. It was not felted nearly enough. I ran it through again on heavy duty/hot for 15 minutes then about 20 minutes of cold. I don’t know if it needs that long of a rinse and spin, but that’s how long my machines sets itself for. It is very felted and I really like it, even though I lost a lot of the size. It will make a great lunch bag.

For the Harvest bag: I used the heavy duty/hot cycle and completely forgot about it and it ran the full 50 minute cycle. I was most irritated with myself. Anyway, it still wasn’t felted to my satisfaction, so I ran it through again for 15 minutes (set my handy-dandy timer and attached it to myself, this time) then ran it through the cold rinse & spin cycle. It’s perfect.

I wasn’t sure how to dry them, so I sort of rigged it by using a couple vases and a coffee thermos.
felted and drying

I’ll get the final pictures up tomorrow after they are completely dry.

Felted Bags –
after felting
The Harvest bag could have been felted more but I didn’t want to lose any more size.
The Palais bag felted beautifully and I wish it showed it better in the picture. The handles wanted to roll on this one, so I just rolled them up tighter and squeezed them every once in awhile while it was drying.

The only thing I don’t like is how the yarn swirled, pooled or whatever the right term is for that.  Despite that, I am quite happy with my first felting project.


After trying on the Palais bag, The Hub would now like a felted cap.  He looked like a Mongolian soldier…be afraid, be very afraid.  LOL!  sorry, no pics